ONEUS K-Pop Group Talks About Their Favorite Things In New York


ONEUS burst onto the scene three years ago and hasn’t looked back.

This K-Pop group – on the verge of superstardom – slowed down long enough to meet me at the Ready Rooftop in the Moxy East Village before kicking off their US tour at Webster Hall.

They are promoting their new album, “Blood Moon”.

There are six members of ONEUS: Leedo, Ravn, Xion, Hwanwoong, Keonhee, and Seoho.

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After their official greeting, they told me how excited they were to perform in New York and they wanted NYC t-shirts to commemorate their visit. Young, beautiful and sharp as nails, not an ounce of their fabulousness is lost on their fans, who they affectionately call ‘To-moons’.

The name represents fans as the moon orbiting ONEUS, represented by Earth.

In each city, they took their own video diary to document their journey. Louisville, Cleveland, Atlanta and of course, New York. They all agreed that nothing beats seeing their tomoon in person.

ONEUS has a growing presence on social media, they are getting a lot of love on Instagram.

In one post, someone commented, “Aesthetics, fit, vibes are impeccable”… And this photo inspired the words… “Literally the most beautiful being on earth.”

Clearly, ONEUS captures hearts wherever they go. So, for now, it looks like no one beats ONEUS.


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