Orchestra Adds Soul To Composition, Says Chennai Band Oxygen | Tamil Cinema News

Chennai-based fusion music group Oxygen have come a long way since their inception in 2003. Having infused world genres into Indian music for the past 20 years, it’s only fitting that the group would come out with The Metagen Project, an album to celebrate the event with an explosion of genres and audiovisual experiences.

The Metagen project is the culmination of diverse musical styles and sonic sensibilities with a hybrid approach incorporating live elements and electronics, explains C Girinandh, keyboardist and founder of the band. And to make things even more special, the band collaborated with Tenor Strings, a 20-piece string orchestra. “This project has six of our own compositions. Tenor Strings is conducted by Francis Rozario, with Stéphane from France playing trombone and Muthu Sirpi on vocals,” says Girinandh.

The seven-member band consisting of Bharath Gopal on drums, Lalit Talluri on flute, Vijay Ganesan on guitar, Carl Fernandes on bass and Akshay Ganesh on violin, started working on the project last August.

As for the music, the project itself is a 20-year journey for the band, says Girinandh. “For example, one of the songs from this project, Thandhanaane, was composed as an instrumental piece in 2003-2004 and was part of our second album Dimensions. In 2007, we decided to convert this song to add vocals. We released it as a single in 2014. Now we have revisited this song,” he adds.

When it comes to relatively new songs, the band is looking to connect with the new audience that grew up listening to music in today’s storyline, Ramana adds. “As part of our upcoming projects and content, we would tell the story of how the composition grew over the years so that audiences could also connect with our story,” he says.

Working with Tenor Strings has brought new perspectives into the songs, the members observe. “It’s a great team of musicians of all ages who are very passionate and eager to explore the nuances of our music. They brought new perspectives to the songs, which gave us a full immersive sound experience,” says Girinandh, adding, “Orchestra adds so much life and soul to the composition.

While the pandemic has put a hurdle on many live events, it has also opened up many frontiers for musicians in terms of technology and recording. “During the pandemic, we used technology to our advantage. Even though we couldn’t meet in person, we used to record ideas and circulate them among the group members. Since all members have the ability to record in their own home studio setup, all we had to do was put the tracks together in the creative process,” Ramana notes.


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