‘Panda’ has reached over a billion streams and Desiigner is just getting started


The Billion Stream Club is an exclusive club and Designer is a member. The Brooklyn-born, Grammy-nominated MC took the world by storm with his debut single “Panda“, which has become number one in the United States Billboard Hot 100. At 18, the former GOOD Music artist became one of the youngest artists to top the Hot 100 and one of the few rap artists to have debuted as a single at number one. .

Since his initial success, Desiigner is now a freelance artist and has been busy building his brand outside of the music industry.

I spoke with Desiigner and his tour manager Quinelle “Coach Q ‘Holder about the global impact of” Panda “, the feeling of having a classic that has been aired a billion times, investing in NFTs and the new music he has in the works.

Grove: How does it feel to be in the exclusive billion-streaming club?

Designer: It means a lot. It is a blessing. I am humbled and grateful. What’s really crazy is that the video of me opening the Spotify plate was when I found out. As if I had heard rumblings, but it was my legitimate reaction.

Grove: When you originally created the song, did you think it would achieve that status and be iconic as well?

Designer: Yes and no. I can’t say that I have never set numerical goals, but I always knew that it was going to affect a lot of people. It’s stadium music. You can’t deny the energy of the song. When you hear it, it’s contagious. So, to directly answer the question, when we initially uploaded the song, we knew it was special, but no one knew it would hit that milestone. I am blessed.

Grove: Quinelle, How did you come into contact with Desiigner and what was your role in helping to break “Panda”?

Incumbent: I partnered with Desiigner via Danny “D-Roc” Collington. He put me on the phone with Zana Ray, who was running Desiigner at the time, and told her that if she wanted to get things done in the right way, I had to be part of the team. At the time, I represented BIA, Gashi and IDK through Medium Creative Agency (FKA Medium PR Agency), my ad shop for a marketing company that I co-founded with my wife Sabrina Vaz-Holder, so it was a evidence for him to bring me to the fold.

As soon as I hung up, I started checking in the record online by creating a digital fingerprint for the song. We (Medium Creative Agency) made their first DJ Service Pack, EPK, sent out all of the initial media / presses, and made sure all the influencers had at least heard the record. Once he signed his contract with GOOD Music / Def Jam, I finally connected with him in person with the rest of the team, including his best friend Millyy, Shivam Pandya, DJ Yoo Q, Hank Strong, Bob Celestine and Steven Victor.

Zana loved me so much that I became Desiigner’s tour manager in addition to his internal publicist.

Grove: “Panda” was released over 5 years ago. What do you think is the major difference between streaming then and streaming now?

Incumbent: I think the major difference with streaming back then and today is that blogging was still a basic discovery tool for artists. Today, editorial playlists, Instagram and TikTok, as well as fast-growing on-demand streaming platforms like Audiomack, are leading the charge in how people find new music.

Grove: Desiigner, let me move on to another of your areas of interest, NFTs. They really become the wave. What attracted you to digital art?

Designer: I got involved in my NTF through my guy Jay Laurent. He first put me in touch with the Fancy Frenchies. After that, I was introduced to the monkey family. Jumping into the digital art space was something I had been manifesting for quite some time.

Grove: Finally, Desiigner as you prepare to release new music, what can we expect from you?

Designer: What people can expect is growth. I have worked with international sounds and even worked on some of this album for over 10 years. I wanted things to really turn out, adding things that I can build for this album. I just couldn’t put some sounds together and make a playlist. I planned this years ago and needed to have a different topic for my listeners.

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