Payday loans no faxing instant approval – Online application for a payday loan.


You take out many loans and you are convinced that in relation to your future investments, a payday loan consolidation program is more than necessary.

Moreover, by calmly comparing loan restructurings, you will find that fairly large differences may exist between the overall costs of credit offered by the various credit institutions. Indeed, a 0.5% change between the rate charged by a bank and that offered by another organization may represent a saving of several thousand euros on the cost of a debt restructuring (if the latter includes a loan immovable).

To know also, you have an important asset for the negotiation of the interest rate if:

  • you want to carry out a restructuring of loans including an immo credit;
  • your future loan is secured by a mortgage ;
  • the amount borrowed does not exceed 60% of the estimate of your property.


Need more money then request a loan now. Online application for a payday loan.

To make a comparison before even starting your search, you can use a loan restructuring comparator available on a website. To use this credit restructuring comparator, you will enter your name, last name, date of birth, address and the sum of your income and that of your various credits. At the end of this comparison, you will receive by e-mail the first series of offers that will allow you to perform a preselection.

It should also be noted that some websites offer a comparative table of loan restructuring that allows for a one-off comparison of the rates charged by different banks.

This will allow you to make the first selection by putting aside agencies offering rates too high.

Be attentive to details

Finally, to compare the loan restructuring offers that will be proposed to you, you will have to take into account the rates applied, but also the various clauses included in the loan offers. If, for example, you think you are going to be increased in the short or medium term, you will have to look in more detail at the conditions foreseen by each bank as part of early repayment and any penalties. This type of clause can be a real advantage and should be taken into account in your comparison.


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