Pearl Jam Fiasco: The band’s concert continues despite the experience of THIS


As the musicians always say, the show must go on! That’s exactly what happened to Pearl Jam when they performed at the legendary Apollo Theater over the weekend.

According to Page Six, the band performed their classic hits at the emblematic place in Harlem for a private SiriusXM Small Stage Series concert where they overcame technical difficulties, but that didn’t stop them from exciting the crowd.

Eddie Vedder addressed the crowd when they first ran into the problem, saying they had to “restart the computer” which wouldn’t take more than a minute.

However, the outlet noted that the reboot took longer than promised. This led to the frontman speaking to audiences filled with big stars like Megyn Kelly, Heidi Klum, Robin Quivers and John McEnroe.

He also sang Warren Zevon’s “Keep Me In Your Heart” off the mic as the folks behind figured out how to fix technical issues. (Going through Variety)

Additionally, Vedder remained calm and clarified that the fiasco they experienced was not caused by any staff member.

Once the issue was resolved, they immediately played again, which was broadcast live on SiriusXM.

They took fans back in time by performing some of their classic hits like “Better Man” and also gave them some exciting new songs from their 2020 album “Gigaton.”

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Eddie Vedder shares a secret that still haunts him today

Elsewhere during their show, Vedder again interacted with fans by sharing a story that had haunted him for 33 years.

He recalls a time when he was just starting out in the music industry, a girl approached him at the airport and said, “I don’t want to bother you.” He responded in a rude way saying “then don’t”.

“It felt like my first wrestling match was on again! I’ve been living with this for 33 years,” he said.

Vedder admitted he was a “rude individual” at the time, so he would like to apologize to the stranger.

He took a chance during the concert in hopes of apologizing to the girl herself, asking the crowd, “If you’re there, I was a rude individual back then, all my excuses.”

Some fans poked fun at the situation, saying they were the girl he was talking about.

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