Plan revealed to move services including Stretford Library


A PLAN to create 26 homes in Sale by reorganizing several services in Trafford has been unveiled.

The proposal, which involves Stretford Library, Trafford Music Services and the Trafford Mental Health Home Treatment Team (MHHTT), is expected to be considered by the council’s executive at its meeting on Monday.

Under the plan, the Stretford Library will move to a new site in Stretford Shopping Center and the Trafford Music Service will move from the Claremont Center in Sale to the current Stretford Library site after improvements are made. Trafford MHHTT will also be moving from Chapel Road, next to the Claremont Center to a new site.

Once the Claremont Center and surrounding areas are vacant, the proposal suggests redevelopment into 18 apartments and eight townhouses.

A report to be presented to the council’s executive reads: ‘Releasing the site will leave it available for a residential redevelopment project and thus allow the council to generate sufficient capital to invest in the relocation of these services and bring improvements to the Stretford Library building.”

Built in the 1940s, the current Stretford Library site suffers from dampness as well as other maintenance issues estimated at over £80,000 to fix.

It’s a similar story at the Claremont Centre, which is described as ‘obsolete’ and ‘unsuitable’ for the Trafford Music Service to provide tuition for its students.

The report reads: “The proposed move of the Stretford Library to the shopping center provides an opportunity to move the Trafford music service to the vacated library building, which will undergo upgrades.

“It further provides an opportunity to repurpose the existing building whilst allowing the Trafford Music Service to relocate its provision to more suitable accommodation, thereby continuing to support the provision of the music service to Trafford Schoolchildren, as part of the council’s broader cultural offering.”

If the plan is approved by the board executive at its Monday meeting, a team should be appointed to gather information and generate specifications.

The work of this team will cost around £100,000 and take around three months. The proposal does not set a date for the redesign and redevelopment itself.


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