Raks by London musical artist Arzutraa


The first post today is – raks by London musical artist Arzutraa. The new single from British-Indian singer Arzutraa, raksinspired by Bollywood melodies, was released recently.

raks by London musical artist Arzutraa

Inspired by the melodies of Bollywood, the new single from British singer Arzutraa, raks, is out now. Taking fans on a journey into a fantasy world, British-born singer-songwriter Arzutraa has released his latest single in Hindi, raks. A beautiful voice accompanied by a melodic pop sound that is classy and classic – that’s what raks is all about. raks was recorded and produced in Dubai by renowned Bollywood music producer, Atif Ali.

Arzutraa said, “I’m very happy the song has been released, especially since the fans love the trailers. It was an amazing experience shooting this song in the UAE and I hope the audience will shower it with nothing but love.

The music video, shot in the highest mountains in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Jebel Jais, shows Arzutraa on a first date on a Saturday night drive through the mountains where she and her lover park for a romantic dance at the Moonlight. Their chemistry blossoms and they end up falling in love with each other as they dance the night away.

Following the success of his second album, TumhaariArzutraa has announced that 2022 will see the release of their third album which will have much more magical music.


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