Rastafari’s Finest: Kabaka Pyramid, Stephen Marley, Protoje, Jesse Royal team up on ‘The Kalling’: Watch


This is a Rastafarian link on The Murderthe title track produced by Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marley on Kabaka’s upcoming studio album Pyramid, due out September 30.

In the meantime, music lovers will get a taste of what Kabaka’s full collection will bring with the release of the star-studded track, featuring Stephen Marley, Protoje and Jesse Royal.

Representing some of the best Rastafarians in the musical game, the coming together of these four artists launched a powerful “kalling” for young people of this generation to come to the fore.

“Rastafari ah call you, call you, call you. King Selassie ah call you, call you, call you Marley sings emphatically on the chorus.

From left to right: Jesse Royal, Kabaka Pyramid, Stephen Marley and Protoje

Kabaka insists that this is a quest for serious minds; “When you take Rastafari duh don’t take it for a joke,” he sings. “It’s more than the locks you step on and what you smoke. The words you have spoken, the energies you evoke, must reflect the King.

For Protoje, he is ready to serve; “I come out of the shadows with my big spliff a glow, send Kabaka to call me, say war it’s ready now. Ragga sends my load on the road with the magazine. Lyrically rapid fire when attacking the throne he unleashes in his verses.

Royal, on the other hand, sought to educate and galvanize the minds of young people; “Get to know your king and watch him end your suffering, don’t care for any stones we threw. Ready, haffi firm, the revolution begins within yeah, on the front line no [inaudible] through no window.

The music video, directed by Samo, follows the men around a secretive-looking camp, dubbed the ‘Rastafari Youth Group’ as it undergoes construction work in preparation for ‘The call.’

In his post when the track premiered on YouTube, Kabaka Pyramid described heavyweight training on The Murder: “Unity and solidarity inna Rastafari. Example given to younger generations.

Fans agree. “I had tears in my eyes! Beautiful song full of my favorite voices. ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 As a mother, I can see that these children, this new generation, they are ready, they are built differently . To come here full of kindness and compassion in these times is miraculous. Always grateful for the opportunity to guide and witness. 🙏💖,” one fan said.

Another added: “This song and video shows how Rasta grows and these artists realize the importance of passing the torch to the next generation so Rasta ideology can live on forever… Great job Stephen Ragga Marley, Kabaka , Protoje, Jesse Royal and all the people who contributed to this great work….”.

The Murder was produced by Damian “Jr Gong” Marley with co-production by Sean “Young Pow” Deidrick via Ghetto Youths International and Bebble Rock Music.

Press play on the new visuals above.


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