Rock band Bad Wolves announce third album release on October 29


One of the best of the rock genre, the music group Bad wolves announced the arrival of their third studio album Dear monsters October 29 through Better Noise Music.

Bad Wolves: Dear Monsters

The album “Dear monsters” consists of 12 songs including ‘Sacred Kiss’, ‘Never be the same’, ‘lifeline’, ‘Wildfire’, and others. The album serves as a medium to showcase their latest addition from lead singer DL, who was included on the squad earlier this year. They even released ‘Lifeline’ separately as a single, to celebrate the album’s release just a month ago. The track turned out to be the epitome of rock music, enhanced by the dynamic vocals of lead singer DL. He brings an emotional urgency with the track, which has heightened the song’s lyrical significance on several occasions. Additionally, they uploaded a music video with the song that took audiences on a haunting journey, and created the environment and kept the excitement going for the latest release. When so much speculation had taken hold Bad wolves from everywhere after their lead singer left in January this year, band members have remained silent, prioritizing their search for a better lead singer. And it seems that they have found the most suitable in DL.

Reinventing the group with the latest charge, renewed energy and a range Bad wolves are now looking for a new step to take with their musicality. The new album will represent a new unit of this group. As the band members say, the latest album ‘Dear monsters‘will build on the band’s legacy and erase any bad memories they had with their former lead singer. They mentioned that DL’s claims on social media were false, but that he was at times very violent emotionally and physically. By refuting them, they all focused on their craft and it helped them quickly search for a new lead singer. They have ensured that their artistic contributions are in no way diminished and that the contributions they have made to the world of music are never stopped.

The latest album will reiterate that their creativity will continue to increase, regardless of the false allegations and accusations leveled against them to defame them. Even their other Zombie songs, ‘Killing me slow’ and ‘Sober’, each of them is one of the best examples of the metal genre. The legacy of their compositions is something that kept the audience’s temperature high about the last album. Stay tuned for their latest album. Listen to all the songs of the most popular rock band on Spotify.

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