SampleRadar Advent Calendar: 475 Free Samples of Checkout Diggers


Every day until December 25th, we are sharing a free sample pack as part of our SampleRadar Advent Calendar.

Head over to our Advent Calendar hub page to browse the entire collection and download more sounds throughout the month.

For a true sample collector, nothing beats the feeling of digging a crate. No, it’s not about sampling endless YouTube or MP3 videos on your computer, it’s about letting go, hunting down a dusty record store, erasing a forgotten old record, dropping the needle on it and hear an old crackling sound that could be the basis of an entire track.

If you’re looking for an easier way to get your hands on classic vinyl-style sounds, we’ve got a solution: a ready-made collection of vintage-flavored loops and tubes.

What would you like to know

The crate digger samples are divided into seven folders. Six of them are organized by tempo, and there is also a vinyl noise folder.

All samples are provided as WAV files and can therefore be imported directly into your DAW or the sampler of your choice. Because they are royalty free, you can use the samples in your music however you want – all we ask is not to redistribute them.

The crate digger samples are provided in a zip file, so you will need to extract them before you can view them. Enjoy!

Examples of sounds

Guitar 85bpm

95bpm battery

100bpm keys

Percussion 120bpm

Vinyl loop

Box excavator samples: click to download

These samples originally appeared on the cover DVD of Computer Music magazine. Check out the latest issue for more.

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