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Downtown Bryan is going to be a little spookier and more musical this weekend as Texas bands raise the roof to raise money for Texas A&M’s official student radio.

Following a prolonged interruption due to COVID-19, KANM is set to host their annual “Save the Music” concert on October 29 at 101 in Bryan, with doors opening at 7:00 p.m. and music starting at 8:30 p.m. In addition to showcasing a variety groups, all funds from ticket sales and concession sales will benefit KANM student radio.

Gwen Howerton, senior in sociology, is the director of public relations for KANM and, as a native of College Station, she said it was important to promote local bands and the city’s growing music scene.

“We have a little music scene at Bryan-College Station, and for me it’s just important to nurture and develop it,” Howerton said. “I’ve been going to shows here since I was in high school. So for me, it’s really important to give back to the local bands, to the bars that put on shows every night, to the musicians who are trying to make a living in this neighborhood by making music.

While the country music scene at College Station is more defined, Howerton said concerts like this allow students and residents to see all types of local musicians.

“There’s not just a music scene here, but an alternative music scene here. It’s not just the country or some academic organizations, ”Howerton said. “There are all kinds of musicians here; there are DJs, there are rappers, there are poets, there are metal bands. There is a bit of something for everyone here. You just have to know how to find us.

As well as providing a great show for the audience, this year’s concert is also special for KANM staff, especially new members like senior visualization Noel Jones, CFO. Jones said she anticipates a face-to-face interaction the event will provide for the whole team.

“I joined the organization[anization] during [COVID-19], I made new friends by chatting in the group chat and it was all live, so that was weird, ”Jones said. “I made all these friends and now it’s exciting to finally be able to do something together in person, have fun and really enjoy something that we all love, so I’m just excited.”

Audiences can expect bands like Dirty Bynum, Skunk Money, Sykotic Tendencies and The Dead Meadows, as well as a sale of student radio merchandise. By hosting this event, KANM is able to continue its tradition of being run by students, said Howerton.

“We’re definitely smaller than a lot of student radio stations across the country… We’re almost exclusively student-run,” Howerton said. “We do not have an educational advisor in [the office daily] make decisions for us, every decision we make is up to us… Coming to Save the Music is a way to continue [our station], and that covers things for our members like more gigs, so we can do it again next semester or even multiple times per semester.

Jones also encourages students to interact with KANM radio outside of the concert, and she said this has been an opportunity for their members to gain real musical experience.

“This is a fully student-run organization[anization], and that was put in place by our team of officers, ”Jones said. “We have no experience in planning an event like this. We all hoped it was going well, and it looks like it is going well. Listen to our shows, you can listen to them on KANM.org. All of our shows are so diverse that there is something for everyone.


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