Sony Music Japan Releases New Japanese-Thai Hip-Hop Group ‘Baby Mic’


There’s a new hip-hop group in town!

August 23, Sony Music Entertainment Japan announced the creation of a new group called Micro Baby Candy. Originally from Japan and Thailand, the trio, composed MOTORBIKE, GOLI, and YUKI– are on a mission to charm the world with their addictive candy-like music.

The members were once part of a 10-member J-pop group that disbanded in 2019. Since the pandemic, MOTO, GOLI, and YUKI have banded together to form Baby Mic Candy and have worked hard to merge Japanese influences. and Thai in their music. , whether sonically or lyrically.

To officially introduce themselves to the world, the trio will release their first single ‘CLASSES’, a multilingual hip-hop track that perfectly showcases the energy and provocative spirit of Baby Mic Candy, this August 31.

“Listening to our debut single ‘RUN’, I hope you can feel the possibilities and expectations of the word ‘anyone’ in a positive way, as well as the passion of BMC and the warmth of Thailand. This is a song that makes you feel close to us, with the idea of ​​moving forward together. This song is the beginning of the BMC project, in which the members, representing Generation Z, will present the importance of their existence as artists in the country,” said GOLI.

Get to know Baby Mic Candy here.


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