Spotify launches ‘Made to be Found’ guide for artists


Photo credit: Spotify for Artists

Spotify for Artists has launched “Made to be Found”, a new website for artists to see how fans are finding their music.

The Made to be Found website details how music moves from distribution to playlist selection – through three key pathways. These include editorial curation by Spotify, personalized algorithmic recommendations, and fan-driven streaming. Spotify will recommend actions artists can take to grow and engage their audience on the platform.

How is music discovery on Spotify?

Spotify highlights three important ways music discovery happens on its platform. These pathways include:

  • Made by the editors – Editorial curation on Spotify in playlists like New Music Friday or Lorem. Spotify says more than 150,000 artists were selected for the first time in 2020 and 2021.
  • Custom feeds – Spotify’s algorithms rely on several different signals to connect listeners to the right song. According to Spotify, algorithmic recommendations such as Discovery Weekly, Radio & Autoplay, Mixes and personalized editorial playlists account for 33% of all new artist discoveries on the platform.
  • made by you – Spotify says the majority of streams on Spotify are from Made by You sessions. These active streams are generated by listeners searching for artists they like by listening to fan-created playlists, artist profiles, catalog pages, and album and singles pages.

The highlight of this change is a new beta feature in Spotify for Artists that provides a detailed view of the source of streams. Artists can break down each track to see how its sources contribute to their music streams across their catalog. The feature also includes engagement stats, such as streams per listener, saves, and playlist additions.

Spotify says it’s investing in tools to give artists new ways to find their fan base. This includes tips for perfecting artist profiles, pitching to playlist editors, sharing music through social features, creating promo cards, and more.


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