Student rock band Dionysus wins battle of the Bands



The opportunity to perform is not something musicians take lightly – for many, making music is the easier part and getting it heard by the masses is more difficult. But the Pitt-based new age rock band Dionysus will have the opportunity to share his music at Fall Fest after winning Battle of the Bands on Wednesday night.Pitt program board organized the event as part of the preparation for Fall party October 10, a free day of concerts and music for all Pitt students with a pop artist headlining Lauv. Event winner Dionysus will be the official opening student of Fall Fest, followed by Georges clanton, provided by WPTS Radio, and Live Support Opener Elias Khouri.

In Battle of the Bands, each participant had ten minutes to settle in, then ten minutes to perform as many songs as they wanted. According to Keely Rehman – PPC’s director of interest exploration, as well as one of the event’s judges – the artists would be judged on the basis of overall performance, crowd interaction, and crowd. adaptability to the Fall Fest scene.

Melodic hip-hop artist Michael Eastond, a young political science student who goes by the stage name Little Mike, started at night. Lil Mike was joined by his producer Rocky oberti, a major junior in computer engineering. According to Lil Mike, the two met at Market Central during their freshman year at Pitt.

“We started the first year,” said Lil Mike. “We met at the Market, a friend of mine brought me to his table and that’s how we met.”

Lil Mike said the opportunity to perform at Fall Fest would be a tremendous achievement for him and Oberti as the two have worked tirelessly on their music.

“It would mean a lot to me and Rocky,” said Lil Mike. “We invest a lot of our time in this, a lot of our money in it, we’re really passionate about it.”

After Lil Mike was the band Awesome lamp, who defined their music as an alternative with a bit of funk. The group is made up only of freshmen – undecided Ben Orr, undecided Rocco Condenzio, major in bioengineering Jason Bonavita, major in pre-physical therapy Holly Miller and major in chemistry Dominic Brazzle. Orr, who plays guitar, said they lacked experience, but quickly created chemistry during their life together.

“We’ve only been training for a few weeks,” Orr said. “I just did weekend jams and we have pretty good chemistry.”

Miller, the lead singer, said the band takes a creative approach to songwriting. The band uses their “funky” lamp to create songs based on their changing colors.

“We have this lamp that changes colors, so for inspiration we would go out to the Nordenberg patio and try to make some music and change the color,” Miller said. “Say, ‘oh it’s orange, so let’s do an orange song.'”

New age rock band Dionysus closed the evening, consisting of junior engineer Myles Naylor, senior finance and accounting engineer James Boston, senior political science student Christian Ryan and senior student in finances Joe Stanton. According to Boston, the group’s bassist, the group began performing together during the COVID-19 pandemic and has grown since then.

“We started during COVID. We chose this thing as something we could do while everything was closed, ”Boston said. “We continued to stick to it and came here to give it a shot. “

Boston said winning the contest would be amazing for their band as they wanted to give back to the Pitt community through their music. Ryan, the band’s guitarist, is also an avid Lauv fan.

“That would be fantastic, our guitarist Christian is a huge Lauv fan so he would definitely be excited,” Boston said. “We would certainly be honored, grateful for that, it would be a step in the right direction to do good things for Pitt and bring out good music.”

After the third and final performance, the judges met briefly and chose Dionysus as the winner. Boston said he was thrilled with the result, but made sure to point out that it was the group’s collective effort that led to this result.
“Super excited, first of all grateful this wouldn’t have happened without my band mates. It’s a 100% team effort, ”said Boston.

Even though Lil Mike and Funky Lamp weren’t selected this time around, it won’t be the last time Pitt’s students will see both acts. Both groups said they plan to compete again in the spring for a chance to open at Bigelow Bash, PPC Spring Music Festival.

Not only will runners-up try to perform in another event hosted by PPC, but they can also host an event themselves. Although he emerged victorious, Boston said he admired the other two acts and expressed his desire to perform with them in the future.

“Thanks to Funky Lamp, they did a great job, and thanks to Mike, he also did a phenomenal job,” Boston said. “Honestly, maybe I would love to have a gig with the two of them, [it] It would be great to try to collaborate and do something for the students at Pitt.
As the idea of ​​a collaboration looms in the future, Boston said Dionysus is focusing on his first performance in less than two weeks.

“Train, train, run, run,” Boston said. “We have some room for improvement, hopefully we can just have a good time at Fall Fest and bring some fun and good vibes.”



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