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Sulfur Studios welcomes Sinéad Hornak as the next artist in residence ON :: View. Hornak’s project, Fleeting Bodies: Eternal Souls, will take place from October 5 to November 7, 2021 in the ON :: View residence.

“We make all selections for the ON :: View artist residency taking into account the quality of the work and the concept as well as the successful engagement of the project with the public. This artist-in-residence series (July – November 2021) was invited to come up with a project that addressed artists’ responses to the pandemic, ”said Emily Earl, Executive Director of Sulfur Studios.

Fleeting Bodies: Eternal Souls focuses on the bodily confinement of the human soul, documenting the gradual decomposition of our bodies into a fleeting and abstract state. Over the next month, Hornak will narrate the soul’s path to existence through abstract collages and mixed media works in a sequence of book pages. Each page will be displayed independently in the window, building a tapestry of abstract pages of collages composing this global tale of the soul escaping bodily confinement.

“During my practice, my work will be a meditative process of connecting not to my specific body, but to the way individual emotions interact with our vessels. The objects, emotions and abstract marks used in art do not need to carry a meaning but to be a guide allowing the soul to express itself through our forms ”, declared the artist in Sinéad Hornak residence, fine artist and textile designer.

According to the artist’s statement about the work, this piece will not represent a specific person or a personal narrative, but will be a larger human experience, suggesting the temporal aspects of the body and the possibilities of the soul to the soul. inside. Using an abstract approach, Hornak will show the withering away of the human form in an abstract presence.

“This piece will be an open metaphor raising awareness of the power of the ephemeral figure and the beauty of our loss of control. Our bodily presence forms the community, ”Hornak said of his work.

“I am especially delighted to see Sinead’s work as it slowly transforms and takes over the windows of Residency Studio. One of my favorite things about our residency space is the ability for the audience to drop in at any time of the day or night and watch and see an artist at work and watch that development as the days go by. and weeks of each residency period, ”Earl said.

Hornak will have studio hours on Thursdays and Sundays from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. appointments are welcome. The public is encouraged to follow on the @onviewresidency Instagram account as Hornak takes over and shares his work throughout the residency period.

Earl said: “As viewers we usually miss out on a lot of the artist creation process, so I think it’s really special to offer such an intimate look at all the stages as a artist crosses, from concept to the final presentation of an idea. “

There will be an artist talk in person and simulcast via IG Live @sulfurstudios on Saturday 23 October at 2pm. The closing reception will take place on Friday, November 5 from 5 to 9 p.m. in conjunction with the First Fridays at Starland.

Earl shared that Sulfur Studios is busy and has other shows coming up, including EDGE, A Collaborative Exhibition by Cynthia Knott & Michael Turner, Altarpiece: Offering by Troy Wandzel, their next fundraiser in November and the call for nominations. for their annual White Elephant. affordable art exhibit.

More information about the Hornak Residence and other upcoming shows can be found at


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