Tango for two: Ritviz and Nucleya team up to tell stories through music – the New Indian Express

It’s not every day that two of India’s most popular and distinctive independent artists collaborate on a music album. Pune-based singer-songwriter, electronic musician and record producer Ritviz Srivastava aka Ritviz and electronic music producer Udyan Sagar, better known as Nucleya, merged their various styles and age experiences to create their new album Baaraat. And their age difference really worked – the different sensibilities and approaches of Nucleya, 41, and Ritviz, 25, brought youthful sobriety to the compositions.

It is well known in the eclectic world of independent music that they had wanted to work together and discussed it often. Over the past two years, these abstract conversations have turned into a serious collaboration. The album, which will be released over an eight-week period with a new song every Friday, tells the story of a union, the different stages of an equation, and the different feelings (and quirks) that make a relationship beautiful and beautiful. complex. The music reveals the intensity of an experimental union and subsequent growth that created an epic collection with Ritviz’s classical music tinged stories and Nucleya’s penchant for different sounds.

Recorded in Goa earlier this year, each track is a chapter in a story. The debut single “Sathi”, released on August 13, chronicles what happens at the start of a relationship. And the song, which is the second of 22 releases the team-two will launch by the end of 2021, is about missing someone who is integral in your life, maybe the one who escaped, the one in your life or the one you imagine. to be with in the future.

Best known for his song “Udd Gaye” featured on AIB’s official YouTube channel, Ritviz won the Bacardi House Party Sessions 2017. He was listed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 India 2021 list. Recently, his song “Sun Toh” has been used in the Netflix series Mismatched. His album partner Nucleya co-founded the band Bandish Projekt in 1998, which he left in 2007. In 2013, he released his debut album Koocha Monster. Despite being the older of the two, Ritviz is his teacher in many ways. Nucleya says, “I love the way he finds inspiration. He draws it from people and experiences.

I like the way he feels certain emotions to channel into his creative process. It’s a great way to approach life and use it to create art. Necleya also loves Ritviz’s ability to tell stories and create an immersive, narrative experience for listeners. This talent was useful to them during their collaboration. “Each song is based on emotions and makes you experience a multitude of feelings,” he explains. Ritviz, for her part, admires the fact that Nucleya is never afraid to experiment and create a new sound. “It’s exciting to witness and be a part of such a process,” he says. Additionally, “Nucleya’s never give up attitude is something that I am in total awe of and inspires me to be a hundred times better version of myself,” he exclaims. With a year of surprises planned, it remains to be seen how much this mutual admiration finds its true expression in this alliance of melodies.

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