The CAMINO band will perform in the reopened Moody Coliseum


The group CAMINO’s will perform after the grand opening of the Moody Coliseum on Saturday.

With their most popular song reaching 70 million streams, The Band CAMINO was established in Memphis, Tennessee in 2015 and continues to be based in Nashville.

The group is the next group to perform in the ACU concert series after increasingly popular musical artists. Previous gigs in the series include alumnus Aaron Watson and the band Surfaces.

Lucas Vogt, graduate student engagement intern and graduate student from Abilene was one of the main influences in deciding who was going to perform next.

“When it came to picking bands, I had four or five in mind that I thought were good. Band CAMINO was on that list,” Vogt said. “At that point, I started to ask my friends, see what they like, what kind of music interests them in terms of what would be popular on the ACU campus.”

Vogt also took a social media survey asking students which band they would like to see on campus, with The Band CAMINO getting the most votes.

PJ Martinez, associate dean of student engagement, said that after choosing the band, they filed a contract with the band’s agency.

“We submitted as a pre-contract that the ACU does. That said, these are the things we ask for. We would love to get you here to come and play for us,” Martinez said. “It was up to the agency to submit all information to the band and the band agreed to do so. This contract does not contain any obscene language.

The ACU community is encouraged to attend this event, Martinez said. However, the event is limited to 3,500 people and everyone must show an ACU student card or approved lanyard.

“It’s a big priority for Dr. Phil Schubert,” Martinez said. “I’ve been here since January and when I was in the whole interview process, one of the things I heard all the time was that we wanted to bring big bands to this campus. So it’s a priority for me and my office that we do our best to bring in these large groups.

For the past few years, the ACU Concert Series has collaborated with Wildcat Week to bring live music to the start of the semester. However, this year the concert series will help commemorate the grand opening of the Moody Coliseum.

“It’s something that may look different next year, but we’ll have a big concert every year,” Martinez said. “It’s a staple, and it’s a tradition that we’re always going to have at the start of the year.”

Despite the group’s novelty to some students, Kaufman Youth and Family Ministry major Hailee Holtz said she had been a fan of the group for six months and attended a previous concert in April.

When I heard they were coming to the ACU, I was excited to see them again,” Holtz said. “The band had so much energy at the show in Dallas… They interact amazingly with their audience and they’re hilarious. “

The ACU Concert Series has steadily grown with each artist’s popularity, going back from COVID-19 with Surfaces to now with The Band CAMINO.

Students like alumnus and graduate student Kelsea Abston of Lubbock grew progressively more enthusiastic about the concert series over the years.

“I got to see the progress of the Wildcat Week concert – or I guess the ACU Concert series now – has grown over the past four years with artists like Surfaces and Ben Rector, which has been really cool. “Abston said.


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