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ALTON – Birds of Squalor will have their EP “Carrion” Show released on Saturday at the Conservatory, featuring Haze Bond and The Dead Roses.

Formed in 2017 as a three-way punk rock band, Birds of Squalor evolved into a five-piece alternative group co-founded by Jack Irvin, formerly of Bethalto and now of Phoenix, Arizona, who was leader / rhythm guitar and backing vocals. .

Irvin is back in town for the show, and he’s on the new EP. He, his brother Brad on bass and their friend drummer Ryan McIntire formed the original trio.

New guitarist Brock Bates replaces Jack Irvin in the current lineup, but Irvin – who is also celebrating his 28th birthday on Friday – will perform on the “Carrion” EP Release Show. Birds of Squalor also features Jamie Dunn from North Carolina who came to the Riverbend to expand his vocals / guitar opportunities; Chris Vandehey of Moro on lead / rhythm guitar and backing vocals; Joe Moiser of Granite City on bass; and Nathan “Nate” Diggs, of Arnold, Missouri on drums / percussion.

The show begins at 7 p.m. at the Conservatory, 554 E. Broadway, in Alton. Free entry; the doors open at 6 p.m. Local favorites The Dead Roses and Edwardsville band Haze Bond will open the show. There will also be food from Big Boy’s Q, operated by Ron Boles and his wife, Jimi Jo Sinks, from Alton.

Birds of Squalor performed together throughout the Metro East and St. Louis metro area, including Bushfest and the Trinity River Festival last year. “Carrion” is the group’s first EP. They also produced and released their own music video in 2021.

The evolution into a five-piece band began one night when Vandehey was in a restaurant and talking about music with Irvin.

“He asked me if I knew anyone who played bass; I did it, ”Vandehey recalls. “I registered as a substitute. Then drummer Ryan had to move north.

“We called my mate, Nate Diggs, on drums, and Joe joined us as bass,” Vandehey said. “We could write in a more complex way as a full group of five musicians. We found Jamie Dunn at Ragin ‘Cajun’ in Alton on an open mic party, which he also runs.

The ingenious group produces their own material, including vlogs; they are due to release a documentary on the studio recording of “Carrion” on the Monday following the EP release on Saturday. Vandehey has his own video production company, Connect Video, based in St. Louis.

“Vlogging worked really well with the documentary,” Vandehey said. “We’ve had about a year of vlogging since January 2021. I was like, we finally have a real full band here; let’s take it to the next level.

Birds of Squalor can be followed on Facebook, Instagram @ birds_of_squalor, YouTube @ Birds Of Squalor, TikTok @ birdsofsqualor and Spotify @ Birds of Squalor.



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