The secret to growing giant cabbage is singing, the team says


The secret to growing a 14.7 kg cabbage? Serenade your shoots daily, that is, according to a group of green-fingered amateurs at Kaohsiung First Community University.

The giant vegetable – 10 times the size of an average cabbage – was cultivated by a group of 52 novice community college farmers who had spent the last year learning from scratch how to grow vegetables.

At a Saturday fundraiser where the group displayed and sold the fruits of their labor for charity, club members said singing and playing music to their rack of tomatoes, pumpkins, green peppers and cabbage had been the key to the bountiful harvest.

Photo: ANC

Club manager Yu Shu-yen (游 淑 燕) told reporters that each club member was assigned a plot of land measuring 20 ping (66 m2) to cultivate after taking 18 lessons on the ground, the control of water, plant diseases and pests, plant breeding, and ways to grow vegetables and fruits.

Club members cultivated their crops without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Yu said that they played music and sang their favorite vegetable songs every day to help them “grow up healthy.”

Speaking of the 14.7kg cabbage that stole the show at Saturday’s event, Yu said some species of cabbage normally take four to five months to mature, but this one was only harvested four months. after being planted.

The cabbage might have grown bigger if it hadn’t been harvested for the charity event, with Yu attributing the size of the vegetable to the “friendly farmland” it grew on.

“This is the reward for the club’s long-term dedication to promoting non-toxic agriculture,” Yu said, adding that the approach protects the plants from pollution.

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