The Weeknd closes Coachella with the Swedish mafia


As if it hadn’t taken long enough to get to Coachella’s 21st episode – complete with a pandemic, four postponements and yet another recent Covid spike – when original Sunday headliner Kanye West crashed. was pulled two weeks ago, the Swedish House Mafia had to turn their loosely defined position on programming into a headlining set. It wasn’t long before The Weeknd — who is still working on his HBO series “The Idol,” which he co-wrote, co-produced and stars in — agreed to air his previously scheduled cameo appearance with the titans of EDM. to a co-headliner with them, but he only had two weeks to put together a set. Still, the man otherwise known as Abel Tesfaye is nothing if not ready for a challenge, and he didn’t disappoint when the tag team, co-headliner, ended the festival late Sunday night (actually Monday morning).

Billed as “Swedish House Mafia x the Weeknd”, the set was basically split into two halves, the former opening and roaring through a tight set of their own hits, then performing briefly with the Weeknd for some of the recent songs. who they’d dated, then handed over the stage to him for a tight megamix of his songs, ranging from worldwide hits like “Blinding Lights,” “I Can’t Feel My Face” and “Starboy” to his verses on high profile collaborations with Kanye West, Drake, Future and Ty Dolla $ign (who were not present), “Hurricane”, “Crew Love”, “Low Life” and “Or Nah”, respectively.

Playing under a giant open circle that looked like something out of “Independence Day”, Swedish House Mafia opened the set with a powerful mix of their hits, accompanied by giant washes of white light, fog and spotlights. The trio’s Axwell paraphrased Jay-Z while shouting “Please allow us to introduce ourselves again!” and that’s exactly what they did as the three hopped behind a giant DJ turntable, pausing occasionally for exhortations like “Coachella!” We are the Swedish house mafia!”, “Coachella! Are you ready?” and “Coachella! Make noise!”

After about 50 minutes, the beat changed, a single sample of Weeknd’s vocals simply saying “ah” made it into the mix, and he emerged on a riser in the center of the giant circle, singing the remix of “Sacrifice” before follow up with “How can I make you love me?”

Dressed in a black T-shirt, military-style vest and baggy pants and boots, the Weeknd then roared through a rousing megamix of songs that made people realize just how many success (his list appears below) as the Swedish House Mafia left the scene. .

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The Weeknd spent much of the set singing from the aisles that stretched into the crowd. Actually singing many “Coachella!” long weekend broadcast live.

He even changed the lyrics of his 2016 track “Party Monster” to reference Anitta’s licentious Coachella set on Friday, singing “Ass Shaped Like Anitta’s.”

Halfway through, he shouted “We’re just getting started!” (causing at least a comedic reaction on the East Coast):

He led songs on ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’ and ‘Blinding Lights’, dipped back into his catalog for ‘The Hills’, shouted ‘It took a while but we’re finally here – we got it. fact!” and may have referenced his late addition to the lineup by saying, “Coachella! I am always there for you, I support you.

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After capping off his solo set with “I Feel It Coming” in “Save Your Tears”, he returned to the main stage and the Swedish House Mafia were back behind the decks for the closing “Moth to a Flame” – their collaboration with the new SHM album “Paradise Again” – and with that, around 2 a.m. local time, 5 a.m. Eastern. And they’ll do it again for Part 2 of Coachella 2022 next weekend…

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How can I make you love me
I can’t feel my face
blinding lights
The hills
party monster
Low lifespan
Or not
Crew Love
Out of time
I feel it coming
save your tears
moth to a flame


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