Turntable (tt.live) expands with artist-powered playlists


Rylo and Robel Ketema, January 17, 2022 (Photo credit: tt.live)

Last year, we showcased the emergence of Turntable (tt.live), the modern reincarnation of the once high-flying platform.

Now, the beta app — founded by Turntable co-founder in 2011, Joseph Perla — hosts shows with artists and playlist curators to reach the music industry.

As the virtual music space explodes, tt.live aims to build the ultimate virtual meeting place for artists and music fans. Dubbed “Turntable Presents”, the organized shows quickly gather performers and followers.

Leading the charge are prominent playlist curators such as The Luna Collective and Juicebox Collective, who showcase their newly updated playlists on Turntable each week while interacting with their listeners and answering questions. live. Dozens more are also jumping on board, with Turntable quickly becoming a virtual hangout to debut unreleased music, create playlist updates and share songs on the fly.

“Hosting events where artists and playlist curators share music live has had a profoundly positive impact on fan engagement,” explained Amanda Levensohn, Creative Director of tt.live. “It’s an uplifting feeling to listen to music with your friends while interacting with the creator or curator.”

More than 100 organized events have already taken place on tt.live.

Turntable has hosted shows with DJs such as Petal Supply, which recently ranked on NPR’s “Favorite Songs of 2021”, and Lucas Lex, which has more than 700,000 monthly listeners on streaming platforms.

Other participants benefit from great career advances. Joey Pecoraro, who jumped into tt.live early, recently scored a writing internship on Adele’s recent album, 30. Pritty also mixes tt.live dance tracks, whose recent single, “Head Low”, was recently featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist.

Emerging artists rouri404 (with nearly 75,000 monthly listeners), gravehours (50,000 monthly listeners) and Buppy (35,000 monthly listeners) have also hosted shows on tt.live. Today, Digital Music News helps amplify the growing roster of artists as part of a broader partnership.

The tt.live platform makes it easy to host virtual shows, invite-only industry presentations, and relaxing listening sessions. To add a little spice, performers can request custom avatars and dance floors to personalize their experience.

“tt.live has opened my eyes to new creative possibilities in this ever-changing digital landscape,” said artist Lucas Lex. “I feel more connected with my audience when I play shows on Turntable than I normally do on other online shows, and I also have more fun. The tight-knit community that Turntable has created means I can interact with my fans in a way that I have never been able to do before.

In addition to organized events. The fun of tt.live is its varied dance floors, which feature virtual DJs and spectators bobbing their heads to the music. It’s a virtual party in which a few people DJ and the others listen, while voting on songs and chatting if they wish.

Petal Supply, October 21, 2021 (Photo credit: tt.live)

It’s worth offering a brief history of the rise – and glorious fall – of the old Turntable in the early 2010s.

Despite an impressive explosion in user numbers and popularity, as well as investment from Lady Gaga and Union Square Ventures, Turntable was forced to shut down in 2014. Major label licensing was perhaps the most big deal, albeit a maze of legalities and profitability. the troubles also cut the party short.

Fast forward to the early 2020s, and a resurrected tt.live is growing rapidly. Perla felt his vision was universally fun but simply ahead of its time, so he recoded the idea of ​​a mature app ecosystem that ties into existing (and equally mature) streaming services like SoundCloud, Spotify , Apple Music and YouTube.

Already, the “2.0” is gaining ground with hundreds of curators and artists exhibiting.

These stats are likely to increase with a greater focus on artist-powered dance floors. Already, several curators, blogs and emerging artists are gearing up to blow up venues, including The Luna Collective and Hadji Gaviota. Here is a brief overview of upcoming curatorial sessions on the slate:

To learn more about Turntable Presents, email [email protected]


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