Two professors from the music department receive Artists 360 Awards


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Lia Uribe and Nikola Radan

Two members of the Department of Music the professors are among several U of A students, faculty and alumni to receive a grant from the Mid-America Arts Alliance for 2021 360 Artists Award.

Artists 360, a program of the Mid-America Arts Alliance, made possible with support from the Walton Family Foundation, is a three-year pilot program that provides grants and professional development opportunities to individual artists from all disciplines in the greater area of ​​northwest Arkansas. .

Lia uribe, Associate President and Associate Professor of Bassoon, has been selected to receive one of the $ 15,000 Community Activator Grants. She plans to use the award to support the first RefleXions Tertulia / rally in 2022.

Uribe presented this proposal on behalf of the RefleXions Music Series team and in partnership with Rogelio Garcia-Contreras (Arkansas’ Global Change Actors) and Leigh Wood (KUAF 91.3). This event will feature regional, national and international citizen artists showcasing their music and its intersection with advocacy for creative justice.

the RefleXions Tertulia / gathering will also offer concerts, including a recontextualization of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons featuring Latinx musicians; a panel and a podcast episode, as part of RefleXions Social impact through the arts series of conversations; masterclasses in songwriting, classical repertoire, jazz improvisation, composition, artistic entrepreneurship and innovation; and open spaces and times for dancing, singing, jamming, community celebration, healing and togetherness.

RefleXions Music Series is a celebration of music, musicians, advocates and the public, a space to foster creative justice and diversity through opportunities to reflect, learn, grow, change and teach. RefleXions Music Series spreads sound and messages; expresses the highest standards of music and artistic performance; reverses the dynamics of Eurocentric standards; carefully examines contexts, intersectionality, relationships and intersections with other disciplines; and famous, represents and includes diverse identities. It is a collective of individuals from Northwest Arkansas from diverse backgrounds who bring unique perspectives and commitment to the highest standards of scholarship, research and aesthetic diversity in the fields. arts.

The RefleXions team is also made up of professors from the Department of Music Helen Becque, Ronda Mains, Catalina Ortega and Eric Troiano, and Erika Almenara from the Department of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures.

Nikola Radan, professor of jazz studies and music industry and technology received a project grant of $ 7,500 for his Everywhere on the map multimedia project presenting the Ozark ballads in the context of global migration across centuries and cultures.

His research examines medieval musical stories that traveled around the world, following trade routes from Europe to Cape Verde to Africa, India, Vietnam, China, Korea, the Ozarks and beyond. This project explores the circulation of these ballads, the roots of which we do not know for sure, and sheds light on the fascinating ways in which cultures incorporate stories and lyrics. He designed it to bring people together in an often divided world; the project encourages people to look beyond their own communities to celebrate shared traditions.

The ballads have the same stories; the lyrics of the songs follow the same narration, but there are various twists between cultures. The final experience is shaped by the sounds of various traditional world instruments and musical practices.

In the spring and summer of 2022, he plans to host a series of events designed both to showcase music with the Blue Thread ensemble and invite audiences to make their own connections and contributions to what is being presented. He also reaches out to the Latino, Vietnamese, Marshall Islands and South Asian populations of northwest Arkansas, sharing the main themes of the ballads and asking if versions of these ballads live among these communities.

All events will be filmed based on the interactions that take place, the music and stories of these groups for a documentary film to be released by the end of 2022.


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