UMG Partners with Music Wellness App Vera to Help People Living with Dementia –


Universal Music Group has been named the exclusive launch partner for Vera, a mobile app created by music technology and wellness company Music Health.

Vera is an AI-based music app designed specifically for people with dementia. The technology used in the Vera app “allows Vera to select the perfect song at the right time for each individual listener.”

According to UMG, the company asked Music Health for three years of rigorous research and development. The research included over 20,000 hours of observation and analysis to effectively conclude that Vera had a positive impact on the quality of life for people with BPSD, or the behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia.

“We built Vera to know and find the music that means the most and has the biggest effect for everyone living with dementia,” Stephen Hunt, co-founder of Music Health, said per The music industry around the world. “He acts like a musical sleuth, looking for tunes they loved a long time ago but may have forgotten, their caregivers may never have heard of, and their families may not know about. not even be.”

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Music was used in treatments for many diseases, especially mental health issues. The idea that personalized music significantly improves the cognitive function of people suffering from a disease like dementia has been widely accepted as an axiom among neurologists around the world.

This isn’t the first time Universal Music Group has entered the intersection of healthcare and audio. In September 2021, UMG partners with MedRhythmsan app that provides “prescription music” to patients.

You can learn more about Vera here.


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