Warning: A New NFT Company Is Selling Metal Band Songs Without Their Permission


The NFT craze is both hilarious and heartbreaking due to how few people understand it and how under-surveillance it is. On the one hand, selling a unique piece of digital art for huge sums of money because you can identify its spawn sounds like some of the most laughable sci-fi bullshit imaginable – until someone sells your art on the internet without your permission for huge sums of money. That’s exactly the case with Hitpiece, a new music NFT site that offers customers the chance to “own a song” by selling artists’ songs as NFTs without asking their permission or explaining their options to songwriters.

We first learned about Hitpiece through DC heavy metal vocalist Nina Osegueda A Sound of Thunder, who found her band’s songs listed on Hitpiece as NFT. She also pointed out that songs by Indianapolis doom metallers Lavaborne were also being sold:

It’s especially screwed up because it’s not like Hitpiece is targeting large groups that can afford a lawyer to snatch away their ill-gotten gains. They target indie metal bands.

Turns out metal bands aren’t the only victims – Brooklyn Vegan reports that countless musicians and labels come to Hitpiece, demanding to know what they’re thinking. How did the company react? By deleting the site and displaying this nonsensical message:

Meanwhile, the company also posted the following message on its social media, making them look like savvy, business-savvy modernists and not, you know, fucking crooks:

“We have clearly struck a chord and are very keen to create the ideal experience for music fans. To be clear, artists get paid when digital goods are sold on HitPiece. Like all beta products, we continue to listen to all user feedback and we are committed to evolving the product to meet the needs of artists, the label and fans.

More on this story as it unfolds, but in short, beware of these morons. Because while they take advantage of groups without their permission, here’s what they post on social media:

We wish hemorrhoids on these dickbags.

Thanks for the warning, Nina.


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