Watch eminent musical artist Ulrich Jannert cast the magic of the instrumental version with his chaos in the house


Soak up the harmonious vibes of R&B and soul with Ulrich Jannert. His recent release “Chaos in the House” is a musical gem that will amaze you deeply.

He was born in Germany and lives in Sweden and his smooth music has always inspired people to follow his craft. Ulrich Jannert is a brilliant musical artist who has a lot to offer to this huge world of music. His recently published issue ‘Chaos in the House (Instrumental Version)’ is a brilliant concoction of music and in the truest possible form. He started his musical career years ago and after these years of being a flawless musical artist, he is elevating his ways of making music. These seamless levitating formations of his music are utterly exquisite and captivating. He is currently working with AMUSE, the production label.

In his new venture, you can actually fall in love with his flawless musicianship where he often takes the initiative to uplift the mood of his listeners. Despite being extremely diverse, he has always been one of the musical artists who knows how to touch the heart extremely well. And the R&B and Soul aura he portrayed in his songs is brilliant to behold. Ulrich Jannert been making music for a long time and his ways are really fascinating to see. Being heavily inspired by the charming music of Bruce Springsteen & the E-Street Band, Mark Knopfler and Hans Zimmer; he leaves a strong impression on this industry with his talents as a saxophonist.

If you’re a fan of vintage-flavored numbers and instrumental vibes, you have to listen to his songs. Songs like “Touch of an Angel (Live 2022)”, “Quand rien ne va bien – GO LEFT”, “No Time for Bad Compromises (Instrumental version)”, “By the River (Instrumental version)” and “Tears over Ukraine” (Instrumental version)’ will make you vibrate. It has relaxing and relaxed vibes that can surely win the heart of any music lover. You can listen to the song ‘Chaos in the House (Instrumental Version)’ on SoundCloud and follow him on instagram.

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