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The Waterford Marching Band returns bigger and better this year

According to band manager Mallory Casserly, the band is quite young but now has 15 members; more than 7 members since last year

With only one upper class member in the squad, the Wildcats have more time to grow as the years go by.

The Waterford Marching Band has not only grown in size but also has a new manager.

Mallory Casserly had been the assistant director but became manager this year and credited former band manager Darci Robinson for helping the band grow.

Casserly said, “I think I have Darci to thank for that; she did a really good job of getting the kids excited about the group. I don’t feel responsible for any of this; when I got here they were all signed up and ready to go. I’m excited to grow them even more for next year. I have a lot of really excited sixth graders who will be seventh graders and join the marching band.

Sophomore Bethany Lashley is one of the newest members. She noticed pretty quickly that the band members were helping her get up to speed.

Lashley said, “It’s really exciting. Everyone here makes you feel really welcome. If you need help, you can basically ask anyone, and they’ll help you get things done. We just feel like a really big family.

In addition to everyone’s help, Second Audrey Longfellow also remarks on the efforts of the members.

Longfellow said, “We have a lot of people participating and doing their best to put out music and show up.”

This year there is only one member of the upper class, so much of the blame is placed on the underclassmen…like second year percussion section leader Brighton Eichhorn.

Eichhorn said, “I definitely notice a difference from previous years, like different people working a lot more. Different responsibilities are given in different places to children who, like me, have not necessarily been in the group for a long time; but are sort of the oldest members at the moment. Thus, responsibilities are entrusted to us that we can fully assume.

The Waterford Marching Band’s halftime theme this year is based on The Beatles. They perform at home and away football matches.


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