West Palm Beach Marching Band to Participate in FAMU Parade


A group of students from West Palm Beach will travel on Thursday to participate in the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University reunion parade this weekend.

At least 40 members of the Faith’s Place Marching Band, which includes children from elementary school to high school, will participate in the legendary reunion festivities at Florida A&M University.

Rehearsals began inside the center on Wednesday to polish some of the music the Faith’s Place Marching Band will perform at.

Faith Mays plays the saxophone in the group.

“It fills me with so much excitement to hear how college bands play the song that we play,” she said.

Last year’s festivities were canceled due to COVID-19. Once plans for coming home this year were announced, the principal of Faith’s Place said it was essential to take her students this year.

“Exhibition, exhibition,” said Nobel Lockhart-Mays. “It means a lot. It changes the life trajectory of someone growing up in this demographic area.

Norman Bain is the current director of the group. Bain was one of the first students recruited into the Faith’s Place program and group.

“It’s very inspiring for our up-and-coming musicians to see that someone has gone through the process and trusted the process and now they’re here,” Bain said. “This is the result of what continued discipline, dedication and determination looks like. “

Bain added that students at the center have the opportunity to grow as a person and have a support system that will guide them with every grade along the way.

“There are a lot of our black and brown kids who don’t see this side of the arts. They are used to hearing what is on the radio. It kind of ends there, “Bain said.” Being able to have great housing for the fine art, as well as something loud, like “Oh my God,” it catches my eyes and it moves their feet. Having a safe place to hold these festivities is really important to this community. “

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