Why did Greta Van Fleet postpone her tour?


ROCK band Greta Van Fleet was set to embark on their Dreams in Gold Tour.

Following an announcement regarding their 2022 concert dates, some of the band’s touring plans have been postponed and fans are curious to find out why.


Fans wonder about Greta Van Fleet’s 2022 performance dates

Why did Greta Van Fleet postpone her tour?

On March 16, 2022, Greta Van Fleet took to their social media pages to declare the postponement of many scheduled dates for their 2022 Dreams in Gold Tour.

The band wrote on Instagram, “We are heartbroken to share that Jake and Josh woke up sick this morning.”

“Although Covid has been ruled out, after medical consultation, we unfortunately have to reschedule tonight’s show in Flint and tomorrow’s in Ypsilanti at the fall.”

The band made another announcement regarding the health status of band members Jake and Josh Kiszka the following day, March 17 – which declared more cancellations.

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“Thank you for your patience after the bad news yesterday. We have an update on the health of the group.”

“While Josh has largely recovered, Jake’s diagnosis is more complex.”

They added: ‘What started as a mild cough on Tuesday quickly progressed overnight necessitating her admission to hospital yesterday.

“Fortunately, after further evaluation, they are confident in their diagnosis of pneumonia and an optimal treatment has been determined.”

“We appreciate your kindness and appreciate your positive support during this difficult time.”

Has the band rescheduled their tour dates?

On March 21, 2022, Greta Van Fleet let her fans know that she was canceling – and postponing – only her concerts from March 22 to April 2.

The rock band said on Instagram, “We are discouraged to announce that the March 22nd – April 2nd shows have to be rescheduled for the health and safety of our brother, Jake.”

“While Jake was released after being hospitalized for four days, he is still struggling with pneumonia and its symptoms.”

“We are actively working on the postponement and will share information on the new dates as soon as possible.”

Greta Van Fleet broke the 'unfortunate' news of their health condition to their fans on social media


Greta Van Fleet broke the ‘unfortunate’ news of their health condition to their fans on social mediaCredit: Getty

The band mentioned, “We are committed to playing these shows. We appreciate your dedication, understanding, grace and sympathy.”

“This is just the start of the tour and it’s important that Jake heals so the rest of Dreams in Gold 2022 can continue as planned throughout the year.”

For rescheduled performance dates, fans can always check with Greta Van Fleet official websiteas well as Ticketmaster.

Prior to the cancellation and postponement, they only played three of the scheduled concerts.

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Who are the members of Greta Van Fleet?

The band formed in Michigan in 2012.

No one in the band is actually called Greta Van Fleet, the name comes from a resident of their hometown in Michigan.

Gretna Van Fleet is the woman they named their band after, the members removed the letter N from the name to make the name easier to pronounce.

Members of the rock music group include:

  • Josh Kiszka
  • Jake Kiszka
  • Sam Kiszka
  • Danny Wagner
  • Kyle Hauck (active 2012–2013)

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