Zak Webb Band ready to rock at Corks and Caps in Brownwood


Attention all fans of live music: Mark your calendars now for this Saturday night, October 2, when the Zak Webb Band takes the stage at Depot Plaza in Brownwood for the Corks and Caps wine and beer tasting event. .

Doors open at 6 p.m.

There will be food trucks and an outdoor cigar lounge, and music from the openers Calamity Janes starting at 6.30am, followed by the Zak Webb Band.

The Zak Webb Band has built a reputation for a very energetic and enjoyable performance beyond the familiar ruts of rock and country, mixing it with a little more funk and soul, hints of jazz and Latin grooves. , a hint of blues, and engaging originals, all anchored by Zak’s moving voice.

Voted Best Local Musician for the past two years in the Brownwood Bulletin’s “Best of Brown County” guide, Webb is well known in the city, but rarely performs locally. He is usually on the road solo, between two meetings with his group. He sums up the lifestyle in the words of a song: “Work hard to do it, but all is well, my bills are paid – Music Minimum Wage!”

Born in Abilene, Webb spent his early childhood in Corsica and moved to Brownwood at the age of 6. According to Webb, the house was a good setting for music. “Music is hereditary,” said Webb. “It’s part of my family. “

In college, he learned to play the saxophone, eventually progressing from viola to tenor and baritone.

After four years in the Brownwood High School “Mighty Maroons” marching band, Webb met his first musical partner at Ranger College – his roommate Marlon Hamilton. Soon they became TYME: Two Young Men Entertaining, and his career as a performing artist had begun. When Hamilton left after a few years to return home to Fort Worth, Webb overcame his initial discouragement and decided to go it alone, get better and better at the guitar, and train his voice to the incredible range that he is. it easily achieves today.

The group’s current formation has been rehearsing, playing and recording together for three years, and it shows. The relaxed precision on stage, the fluidity between the band members and the joy they share in performing together is evident. At 28, Webb is the youngest of the group he leads, and the varying ages and backgrounds of his band mates give the group a special flavor.

Lead guitarist Frank Lopez is the masterful senior statesman, a man of few words, but with a vast musical vocabulary that can appease or burn with a touch of his fingers on the strings and neck.

Bassist Kevin Kelley can’t stand still while he plays, but his constant movement doesn’t distract him. It just radiates good vibes, on and off the stage, into the audience.

Drummer Daniel Graham keeps the back beat steady, Ringo style, adding hand percussion, hand clapping, or backing vocals as needed.

Together, their whole is really more than the proverbial sum of the parts. You can find their music on iTunes, Spotify, and other digital platforms, including their debut EP, Based on a True Story, as well as additional songs. Watch for the next EP, Fired Up and Gettin ‘Cold, coming in 2022. For more information, visit,

For more information on booking contact Shai Berry 325-513-2483 [email protected]

Advance tickets for Corks and Caps are available on Eventbrite. Advance ticket options are $ 15 for the concert only, or $ 25 for the concert AND up to 10 beer and wine samples.

Tickets will also be available at the door on October 2, for $ 25 admission and $ 35 including tasting.


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