Zamaera releases his first mixtape as an independent artist, “Heart Break To Heal”


Malaysian rapper Zamaera has released her first new music as an independent artist, a highly anticipated 11 track mixtape titled “Heart Break To Heal”.

The mixtape, which can be purchased through Zamaera’s website, contains 11 unreleased tracks including six written and sung in English and four in Bahasa Malay as well as an interlude. Buyers will also receive a 65-page lyric and photo book featuring Zamaera’s own handwritten lyrics, and will be eligible for a RM 2,500 cash giveaway to celebrate the mixtape’s release.

“Heart Break To Heal” is currently only available in physical form as a USB stick in a nifty cassette case.

Zamaera’s “Heart Break To Heal”. Credit: Zamaera official website

The album is touted as Zamaera’s personal journey of love, loss, healing and rediscovery. Late last month, the Malaysian musician announced that one of the songs on her mixtape was based on a tweet from Singaporean rapper Yung Raja. The tweet read “no I don’t want to see you twerk, I want to see you achieve your short and long term goals”. “I love you @yungraja but that was a very silly tweet… so I wrote a song about it,” Zamaera joked on Instagram.

In March, Zamaera revealed that she had parted ways with her label, Lakefront Records, following an 18-month dispute in which she was unable to release music. Saying that she would save all venom for the “diss tracks,” Zamaera announced that she would be fully self-managed in the future, and that fans should expect some new music soon.

She released a remix of FORCEPARKBOIS ‘single “Lotus” in June and hosted a listening party for “Heart Break To Heal” on November 27, with guest performances by rapper Dan $ hiv and DJ Gasing.


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